Our First Pair Guarantee 

We are so confident you'll love your Step Ones, we'll give you a FULL REFUND on your FIRST PAIR if you don't like them for whatever reason. If you buy a pair and they don't fit, keep that pair, get in touch and we'll send you out a different size or style. 

If you order a multi-pack, say 4, try one pair on, not happy, keep it, return the 3 unopened and unworn pairs and we'll send you out 4 pairs of the new size or style, or we will refund your total order value. Can this get any easier? #DeRiskedToTheMax 😎

Unfortunately we cannot exchange Step Ones for a different colour.

Our First Pair Guarantee is limited to 1 claim per customer.

Why Step One? 

What's the first thing you put on in the morning? Well done, extra points for you. Yes, it's underwear... Step One, put on your underwear. We've cut the BS with undies, we know guys don't care about them, but life is just better with comfy undies. Like, you think your partner thinks those 'things' you call underwear with the holes all over them are attractive? Sit down and listen. They. Are. Not. 

Do you know the difference in fabric and construction costs between a top of the range brand name pair and a cheap cotton £3 pair? It's about 40p in fabric. So why does the top of the range cost £30? You know half of it is going to Bieber 😷

We've taken the best parts of hundreds of different pairs and put them into one. We're not charging you £30, we are charging you a very reasonable price for a top of the range garment. 

We are so confident you will like them, if you don't, keep them and we will refund you, but don't be a massive tight a$$ and keep wearing them 🙄  We know you will!


    Why Bamboo? 

    Sounds pretty cool hey! Well.. we thought so and it turns out, the properties of Bamboo are unreal when it comes to using it for underwear.

    Secondly, sustainability. Bamboo grows extremely quickly and uses far less water than cotton. Meaning it’s not only kinder to nature but far smoother and silkier than cotton. We think it's well overdue that in all aspects of our lives, we do what we can to look after our environment. Our garments are made from the highest quality of Bamboo which not only provides extreme comfort, but it lets your bollocks breath like Daryl Braithwaite riding along a sandy beach on a horse during the 80's. 

    Bamboo’s antibacterial properties keep you odour free so you can enjoy feeling and smelling fresh for longer, let's be honest...men are not exactly petals and roses at the best of times. 

    Sweat a lot? Bamboo is a fantastic solution as its moisture wicking properties pull moisture from your skin for evaporation to keep you dry. No more #SweatyBalls! 

    No more summer and winter wardrobes with Bamboo. Bamboo is breathable and thermo-regulating and therefore the perfect material for keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. Like... anything else we can do for you?! 

    How do I care for my Step Ones? 

    A cold wash is best to maintain the integrity of the supremely comfortable Bamboo. Whilst you're there, please don't tumble dry or bleach your Step Ones.. we do put a care label with instructions on them for a reason. Whilst your phone is waterproof... do you take it swimming? Nooooo! 

    What's The Difference? 

    Step One is the highest quality product for the same price as an average pair of mid-range underwear. Why should you pay the salary for the sixth spice girl covered in tattoos? (That's a certain football player if you need a hint) 

    We firmly believe that wearing underwear should be hassle-free. You spend most of your day in underwear and they look after your most valuable assets so why not give them the best and most comfort money can buy? 

    We get it.. guys don't want to look at dicks when buying underwear. So we've done our best to keep your underwear experience #DickFree, however, we have had many requests from guys and gals requesting more #DickShots in our marketing material, hard to please everyone right? 😂

    Boxer Brief vs Trunk 

    Boxer Briefs are better for guys with larger thighs, the inseam is 3 cm (1 inch) longer which prevents the legs from riding up and feeling uncomfortable. Step One gives you all the benefits of boxers, without the adjustments! 

    Trunks are suited towards men with a leaner frame and less likely to have issues with them riding up. 

    Talk To Me About Sizing

    Our sizing is consistent as all of our products are made by one single factory. Sizing is pretty much spot on with all the major brands. Keep in mind our First Pair Guarantee... If it doesn't fit, we will send you another to try, if that doesn't work, we will refund your first pair. You think Doris from the department store can offer you that? 

    SIZE WAIST (cm) WAIST (in)
    2XS 52-57cm 21-22in
    XS 62-67cm 24-26in
    Small 71-76cm 28-30in
    Medium 81-86cm 32-34in
    Large 90-95cm 36-38in
    Extra Large 100-105cm 40-42in
    2XL 109-114cm 43-45in
    3XL  119-124cm 47-49in
    4XL 128-133cm 50-52in


    If you are not sure what size/style is best for you or you think you are some kind of Ron Jeremy, please contact us on info@stepone.life - pics are def not required. Please. We mean it. 

    Got A Massive Wang?! :) 

    Yeah yeah... we've heard it all. We thought about doing different size pouches like women's bras. But.. let's be honest... what guy is going to order a 'small' pouch 😂😂😂

    So to solve this problem...we've surrounded the pouch with a hidden piece of elastic that stretches around ya bollocks. Even massive bollocks. Our 3D pouch will keep any massive wang in supreme comfort. 

    Warranty Policy 

    Relax... we've got you covered. We offer a 12-month warranty on all manufacturer defects. The 12-month period starts on the date of purchase. If a First Pair Guarantee or exchange takes place, the warranty is covered from the date of the original purchase.

    You are required to keep the original faulty items for the warranty period and if requested, return them to us via mail, in the instance we are required to return them to our supplier. Step One reserves the absolute right to not replace items if we believe they have been used in extraordinary situations or they have deliberately been tampered with. 

    Step One are designed to be worn the correct way, wearing them inside out will void any warranty claims as this creates excessive wearing on the stitching as it's designed to be worn on the outside of the garment. 

    If there's a problem, please contact us on info@stepone.life or social and we will advise you of the steps to replace any faulty garments.

    Please note for all warranty claims the garments will either need to be returned to Step One, or photographic evidence will be produced prior to being issued any replacements.

    All Flag labels must be intact for a warranty claim. The Flag Label can be found on the front of the garment that would normally sit on the right thigh.

    No garment manufacturer in the world will offer a 100% quality rate, but we do try really hard! There will be the odd defect, but, take a deep breath, it's OK.. we will, of course replace it...  just hit us up on social or email.. a photo is always appreciated so we can work out where the issue came from. 

    Please note that excessive farting or skid marks causing holes in the back area or misuse of the garments or not following the Care Instructions will void any warranty claims :)