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“You don't know it's broken until you try the unbroken version”

- Greg Taylor - Founder & CEO

I never thought solving a personal problem I had would change the underwear game the way it did. 

Shopping for underwear was a real pain in 2017 – we all felt it with department stores, horrible gifts; you could never find your favourite pair. Most guys didn't give it much thought, but considering we spend over half our lives in them, it was time for a change. Wearing holey undies like a slice of Swiss cheese from 2013? Not cool! That's when Step One stepped in to revolutionise the underwear game for men. The success was so epic that in 2020, we thought, why should guys have all the fun? Enter our women's range, because everyone deserves comfy undies.

Against all odds, Greg's bold venture blossomed into Step One, a global sensation that defied expectations. From its humble beginnings, the brand has soared into a multi-million-dollar empire, boasting over 1.5 million satisfied customers and an astounding 50,000 five-star reviews worldwide. Today, a pair of Step Ones finds a new home every 8 seconds across the globe, a testament to our relentless pursuit of comfort, innovation, and a success story that's nothing short of amazing.

From its humble roots as a start-up, where every aspect, from content creation and product photography to customer service and dispatch, unfolded in Greg's bedroom and a small office, Step One evolved into a powerhouse. In an awe-inspiring journey, the brand catapulted to being a publicly listed company, traded on the Australian Stock Exchange within just four years (ASX: STP).

Initially conceived as a men's brand, Step One swiftly broadened its horizons by introducing a comprehensive women's underwear range. This expansion includes a variety of options, ranging from Body Shorts and Bikini Briefs to a seamless collection featuring Bikini Briefs, Full Briefs, and G-strings. The transformation from a bedroom start-up to a publicly traded success story is something Greg is truly proud of.

Step One proudly claims its position as a trailblazing pioneer in the Australian clothing and garment industry, having achieved the distinction of a fully certified end-to-end FSC® supply chain – a landmark accomplishment that is unmatched in the country. Not content with mere milestones, Step One has etched its name in history as the first Australian company to commit to the Fashion Forever Green Pact, affirming our unwavering dedication to crafting garments both ethically and sustainably.

Our commitment extends beyond mere rhetoric. Every link in the Step One supply chain, from the organic bamboo plantations nurturing our raw materials to the fabric knitters, dyeing factories, waistband manufacturers, and even our providers of compostable packaging, proudly bears the FSC® certification. This comprehensive certification ensures that each and every Step One product adheres to the highest standards of ethics and sustainability. Our practices involve no compromises, championing causes such as the eradication of child labor, the elimination of forced labor, the establishment of fair working conditions, and the assurance of equitable wages. Step One stands as a beacon of conscientious manufacturing, setting a new paradigm for ethical and sustainable fashion.

Greg at a Step One Factory with owner Michelle. 

Step One embarked on a mission far beyond creating just another 'ordinary' pair of underwear. Our goal was nothing short of revolutionizing an industry stuck in a decades-old rut, where underwear was typically just three flat pieces of cotton stitched together – a realm devoid of innovation and distinction.

In a paradigm-shifting move, Step One didn't just change the game; we introduced a product previously unseen, tackling problems many believed were unsolvable. We transformed customers' perspectives on a product often overlooked, despite people spending over 18 hours a day wearing it. At Step One, innovation isn't a choice; it's our essence.

Our diverse range of meticulously designed products boasts special features, each catering to the unique needs and preferences of every individual. From Boxer Briefs to Trunks, Boxer + Fly, Long Johns, and our Sports range, Step One redefines comfort and functionality in every stitch.

Ultraglyde™ panels

A breakthrough in comfort, our anti-chafe panels incorporate Ultra-glyde technology, strategically placed between the legs, similar to the panels found in cycling shorts. These panels are created from a state-of-the-art, super low-friction material, providing an unparalleled solution to chafing. Our customers rave about their effectiveness.

Elastic 3D Pouch

Because no man is 'flat'! Greg considered designing various-sized cups, similar to  bras, but let's be real, an 'A' cup for men's underwear might not top the sales charts. So, he rethought the approach. A small piece of elastic, expertly sewn around the pouch is the game-changer. It stretches to support every guy perfectly, lifting and separating the anatomy from the leg.

Organic Fabric

A luxurious blend of viscose derived from organically grown, FSC®-Certified Bamboo. Ideal for moisture-wicking in those hot and sweaty areas, this fabric is a natural game-changer for underwear. With its inherent antibacterial properties, it minimises odours, ensuring freshness. Most importantly, it's designed to wick sweat away from the body, delivering a level of comfort and performance that transcends ordinary fabrics

Our Classic Bikini Brief epitomises comfort with its meticulously crafted design. Ideal for daily wear, this staple offers a classic cut, delivering moderate to full coverage – seamlessly fitting under any clothing for a perfect blend of style and comfort.

  • We have meticulously crafted what we believe to be the epitome of comfort in the world of underwear. Our unwavering dedication is reflected in the substantial time and effort invested in product development, drawing extensively from invaluable feedback provided by our diverse customer base to refine and perfect the design.
  • Our Seamfree collection features a selection of Bikini Briefs, Full Briefs, and a G-string, all meticulously designed to provide an unparalleled experience. The seamless construction ensures a sensation of wearing nothing at all — a hallmark of exceptional underwear that prioritises both comfort and sophistication.

Over half of our daily purchases come from returning customers, accumulating an impressive 50,000 five-star reviews for our technologically advanced and feature-rich garments. Step Ones are designed for every body shape, addressing real-world problems rather than merely offering comfort or a brand name. 

Our products boast remarkable sustainability and ethical credentials. We back them with our confidence, offering a 30-day trial and 12-month warranty. If you don't love your first pair, keep them, swap them for a new size, or simply ask for a full refund. 

The underwear game has forever changed. We invite you to play along. 

Step One® - Get Some®

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