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Women's Boxer Brief - Tap Shoe - Model - #size_XSWomen's Boxer - Tap Shoe
Women's Boxer Brief - Blush - Model - #size_XS
Women's Body Shorts - Blush Sale price£19.00
Women's Boxer Brief - Butterscotch - Model - #size_XS
Women's Boxer Brief - Stone - Model - #size_XSWomen's Boxer - Stone
Women's Body Shorts - Stone Sale price£19.00
Women's Boxer Brief - White - Model - #size_XSWomen's Boxer - White
Women's Body Shorts - White Sale price£19.00
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Women's Body Shorts - Midnight BluesWomen's Boxer - Midnight Blues
Women's Boxer Brief - Mahogany - Model - #size_XS
Women's Boxer Brief - Crabs - Model - #size_XS
Women's Body Shorts - Crabs Sale price£19.00
Women's Body Shorts - Prawn Cracker
Women's Boxer Brief - Ice Cubes - Model - #size_XS
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Women's Boxer Brief - Hot Sauce - Model - #size_XS
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Women's Boxer Brief - Cheeky Cheddars - Model - #size_XS
Women's Body Shorts - Ken EllBuy womens bamboo underwear
Women's Body Shorts - Willy BonkasWomen's Body Shorts - Willy Bonkas
Women's Body Shorts - Love CoversWomen's Body Shorts - Love Covers
Women's Boxer - Donald TrunksWomen's Boxer - Donald Trunks
Women's Boxer - HoneycombsWomen's Boxer - Honeycombs
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Women's Body Shorts - MintWomen's Body Shorts - Mint
Women's Body Shorts - Mint Sale price£19.00
Women's Body Shorts - Lilac SnowWomen's Body Shorts - Lilac Snow
Women's Body Shorts - BlowfishWomen's Body Shorts - Blowfish
Women's Body Shorts - PeachWomen's Body Shorts - Peach
Women's Body Shorts - Peach Sale price£19.00

Discover the ultimate in comfort and style with our collection of women's bamboo boxers. Crafted with care and designed for a perfect fit, our women's boxers offer unbeatable comfort and freedom of movement. Whether you're lounging at home or on the go, our women's boxers are the perfect choice to get you through all day. Featuring an anti-chafe panel and made from our viscose made from bamboo, you will stay cool even in the hottest of weather.