Santa Stole My Panties!

Santa Stole My Panties!


Santa, supposed “nice guy”, doesn't go around stealing women's bamboo underwear.

Or does he?

The age-old question has finally been answered by Jess, 31, an unemployed calligraphy enthusiast hell bent on taking down the nosey, king of yule himself, SANTA CLAUS.

santa is bad! (Santa Claus, 10,000 years old, alleged panty thief)

If you're not familiar with Santa, he’s a creepy old man who lives at the North Pole and somehow sees you when you're sleeping and knows when you're awake. He’s also sometimes known for giving out presents at Christmas time. But the truth about this so-called ethical, red-nosed philanthropist is about to be revealed!


Jess gave us the scoop:

"I had all my Christmas gifts absolutely SORTED this year! Everyone I know was getting a pair of Step One’s, AKA God’s gift to the nether regions, but I shouldn’t have let my guard down so easily. Next thing I know I see a flash of a white beard and the hint of red velvet and my presents had been swiped from under the tree by none other than Saint Nick himself! Don’t believe everything you see in the media people, this bloke is bad news! Can’t really blame the guy though, Step One boxer briefs are bloody good."

(Jess, latest victim, angry)

Step One is an Australian underwear brand known for its super comfortable anti-chafe boxer briefs. Step One underwear is made from super soft and breathable Viscose that is derived from Bamboo. Get Some.

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