Womens Frequently Asked Questions

Do they have the same features as the men’s boxers?
Pretty much… minus the pouch of course! We have taken some of the best features from our men’s product and created the perfect pair of women’s underwear!

What is Women’s boxer sizing like?
Slightly more form-fitting which will give a figure-hugging feel. They are designed to enhance individual shape with the perfect fit and cut. We do recommend going up a size should you find yourself to be in-between sizes. If you have tried our Men’s Boxer Briefs, we suggest you go up one size.

How do I care for them?
Copy care instructions from the care label located at the back of the undies!

Are they shapewear?
Not exactly. Although the fit and style have been designed to support your body, they aren’t shapewear as such. Our women’s underwear is designed to be worn as exactly that - underwear. Although some women enjoy wearing them as loungewear around the house too.

What’s the waistband like?
Flexi and stretchy. Designed to support your mid-section and keep you feeling “tucked in” without being too firm.

Can I exercise in them?
Sure - go for it. Our underwear is different to bike pants however lots of women find they’re great for doing yoga in. The bamboo’s antibacterial properties keep you odour free so you can enjoy feeling and smelling fresh for longer.

Are they see-through?
This depends on the shade. As with most fabrics, lighter colours tend to have a degree of transparency. If you’re after a completely non-transparent pair of underwear best stick to the darker colours.

Are they static?
Nope. Bamboo is a natural fibre that possesses anti-static properties.