Step One

better underwear for a better you.

Love your first pair or get your money back.

better underwear for a better you.

Love your first pair or get your money back.

Organic Bamboo
Super Breathable
Wicks Away Sweat
Free Shipping
First Pair Guarantee

Why Step Ones?

We are so confident you'll love your Step Ones, we'll give you a FULL REFUND on your FIRST PAIR if you don't like them for whatever reason. Alternatively if you buy a pair and they don't fit, keep that pair, get in touch and we'll send you out a different size or style. 

If you order a multi-pack, say 4, try one pair on, not happy, keep it, return the 3 unopened and unworn pairs and we'll send you out 4 pairs of the new size or style, or we will refund your total order value. Can this get any easier? #DeRiskedToTheMax 😎

Unfortunately we cannot exchange Step Ones for a different colour.

All Step One Factories Are Either Bsci Or Sa8000 Accredited Which Means:

Fair Wages.

No Child Labour.

Fair Working Conditions.

No Forced Labour.

Anywhere in Australia m8

Step One Packaging Is Made From 100% Compostable Materials.

The Step One Bag Is Composed Of PLA (Polylactic Acid), Corn Starch And PBAT (Polybutyrate Adipate Terephthalate).

Ultraglyde™ Panels

Prevents your underwear from riding up, riding up causes chafing. Make ‘front wedgies’ a thing of the past. No more uncomfortable chafing.

3D Comfort Pouch

An elastic lined pouch keeps ‘the boys’ supported & contained. Designed to ‘lift’ and accentuate. Less skin to leg contact reduces sweat. Being surrounded by the pouch will lift and provide an illusion of being ‘bigger’

Bamboo grows faster and uses less water than cotton, making it a more sustainable option for the production of our underwear.

Viscose made from Bamboo is significantly softer and has smoother yarns than cotton, making your underwear way more comfortable.

Viscose made from Bamboo wicks away sweat to help you keep cool downstairs.


Step One underwear is made from super soft viscose material, which is made from Bamboo. Get a wacky limited edition colour or stick with our classics, you can't go wrong.

yeah, we scienced underwear

At Step One, we knew underwear could be better. That's why we added Ultraglyde™ Panels & a 3D Comfort Pouch to keep your thighs looking and feeling great!

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