Our Features

      What it does.

      Why it matters.

      Prevents dreaded ride up.
      Thighs glide, no friction from fabric running together
      Make ‘front wedgies’ a thing of the past.
      No more uncomfortable chafing
      3D Comfort Pouch
      An elastic lined pouch keeps ‘the boys’ supported & contained.
      Designed to ‘lift’ and accentuate
      Less skin to leg contact reduces sweat.
      Being surrounded by the pouch will lift and provide an illusion of being ‘bigger’
      Bamboo Material
      Grows faster and uses less water than cotton.
      Significantly softer & smoother yarns than cotton
      Certified, Organically Grown Bamboo, wicks sweat away from the body.
      Makes cotton feel like sandpaper covered in rust & gravel